Dick Grout

Worship Leader, Professor @ EBI Lima, New York

Dave, got the CD two days ago and have been playing it since then. We put it on in the morning and let it play non-stop throughout the day. Thank you not only for the gift to me personally, but for all the work you put in to making it. Hanging around college kids as much as I do, it is so nice to hear some real maturity in music - the diversity of chords, beyond the I, IV, V and vi is truly refreshing, and the melody lines are perfect for background music. They are catchy, but don't force you to listen. They float out there and wrap around you as you're going about your day. A couple of them have a rather distinct Jim Brickman sound and feel. Dave, it was good to hear from you again (it's been a long time), and especially to this gift from the skill of your calling and the kindness of your heart. May the Lord bless your CD to the hearts and minds of many people. Thanks again!

Vanessa Fleming

Singer, Songwriter, Public Speaker Calgary, Alberta Canada

CDs arrived. Thank u for sending an extra which I will make sure gets put to good use. Just finished listening and want u to know how much I sincerely appreciated your music. You touched the heart of God with this one!! If I had only one word to describe it, it would be anointed. I am reminded of David how when he played his instrument it silenced the unrest within King Saul and brought healing and immediate relief from the enemy's attack. I believe that is what your cd will do as people listen to each note that echoes the love of the Father with such power and authority. I declare blessing over you and your music Dave. May God release ridiculous favor over your life because u have sought to honor him in all u do and may your melodies be as sweet incense on the altar of worship drawing many to his saving knowledge. Well done, thou good and faithful servant!! I am blessed to bit.

Karen Mead

Naples N.Y.

Hi David! Thank you so much! I love your CD! SO beautiful! I also love your words in the jacket. They really hit home and rang so true in your music. It means so much to me to have it!

Donna Watts

Director of Music and Art (Rush-Henrietta CSD)

…It's very relaxing and sweet, easy to listen to - we have really enjoyed it, especially in the car or in the evenings when we are just hanging out quietly at home! Really well produced - clear, consistent sound and high quality. GREAT JOB!

Mike Schutterop

Dave, I wanted to let you know I have been playing your album a lot lately and I had some incredible time with God this morning with it playing. V. Must be my favorite and really moves me. Thanks for creating it and sharing your gift.