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March 3, 2017
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Dave, got the CD two days ago and have been playing it since then. We put it on in the morning and let it play non-stop throughout the day. Thank you not only for the gift to me personally, but for all the work you put in to making it. Hanging around college kids as much as I do, it is so nice to hear some real maturity in music – the diversity of chords, beyond the I, IV, V and vi is truly refreshing, and the melody lines are perfect for background music. They are catchy, but don’t force you to listen. They float out there and wrap around you as you’re going about your day. A couple of them have a rather distinct Jim Brickman sound and feel. Dave, it was good to hear from you again (it’s been a long time), and especially to this gift from the skill of your calling and the kindness of your heart. May the Lord bless your CD to the hearts and minds of many people. Thanks again!