Welcome to Dave Costello Music.

My journey leading up to the release of my new CD, XVII, has certainly been an interesting one.

I’d like to say the reason for my love of music is because my parents were graduates of Julliard,
or Eastman School of Music, but that just simply is not the case.

However, music did run in my family.

I remember the days when my dad would play Polkas on his accordion or entertain my children on the Lowery organ. My mother had a beautiful voice, which she lent to the USO during WWII to entertain the troops. She considered it a privilege to use her gift of song to support the men and women of our armed forces.

I’ll be honest that my first love was not the piano, it was actually the trumpet. I thought it was a cool instrument so in 3rd grade, I started taking lessons and really enjoyed it. In High School, it was Ned Corman who kept playing trumpet fun and challenging. His unique perspective on music cannot be understated, and it led me to take part in Jazz Ensemble, which I very much enjoyed.

After high school I really had no intentions of continuing in music, so I set it aside and went on with life. I still dabbled through the years, but lacked any motivation to take it further until I ran into my friend Gary Zefting, who convinced me to go back to school and pursue my passion for music. I ended up enrolling in the Music Education program at Nazareth College and jumped right in.

It was at that time, the lure of the piano began. During the day, as I walked the halls, I would hear all the piano majors practicing. I was fascinated, but never considered playing. As part of my degree program, I was required to take a minor course in piano. The more I played, the more I liked it and was fortunate to have as my instructor, Louise Morrice, who gave me the push I needed to move forward. She allowed me to learn and encouraged me in many ways. If it had not been for those classes, I would have never touched a piano.

When I finally graduated college, I realized I did not want to become a teacher but I did want to keep playing piano. I had fallen in love with it. With the help and encouragement of my two good friends,

Gary Zefting and Jon Paul Boucher,I began my journey. Although both have since passed on from this life, the fruit born out of their kindness lives in my music. I will always remember that they took the time to get me started and I am forever grateful.

Thirty years have passed since then, and I have gone on to write and record countless songs for secular bands and worship teams. I played in bands during the 80s and have recorded too many tracks to remember.

As I reflect back on the opportunities I have been given, my gratitude lies with God. I thank him for always keeping the fire lit inside of me, to keep on pursuing music, to someday record my own instrumental music. That day is here.

I wanted the music on this new CD to have a calming effect on people, young and old. Our lives are busy, and the seas of life can be very rough. Music can calm those rough seas and take us to place of peace, of tranquility. Like a good chef who carefully selects the proper seasonings for each dish he prepares, I have carefully selected and given proper seasoning to each instrumental piece. My thanks go to Opera singer and producer Jonathan Cilia Faro who has helped bring these selections to life.

As you press play, I hope you enjoy moments of peaceful reflection and feel the quieting of your heart.

God Bless.

Dave Costello

Gary Zefting
 Jon Paul Boucher